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Advanced Temp Control - offers more temperature control with a wraparound stainless steel evaporator, faster cooling and digital regulation.

High Performance Refrigeration - this unit runs on R134a high performance refrigerant that is also fluorine-free and environmentally friendly.

Integrated Safety - safety-first assembly with a segmented discharge switch to ensure no pollution of frozen drinks, and a food-grade anti-cracking PC bucket.

Elegant and Durable - features an elegant, durable and usable design with 304 stainless steel shell decoration and ABS side panels of different colors.

Coldline s series of beverage dispensers are built for food service establishments that want to boost impulse sales of chilled beverages. Each Coldline drink dispenser is an incredibly versatile operator for commercial applications. Easy-to-maintain stainless steel dispensing valves, cooling cylinders and handles provide durability for longer-lasting performance. Offer a wide selection of favorite drinks and keep customers satisfied in your concession stand, cafeteria, or buffet.
Digital Temperature Control
Coldline s range of beverage restaurant supplies gives you more flexibility with a user-friendly digital temperature control. Easily adjust the temperature between 32 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit to keep different kinds of beverages chilled at the optimal temperature.

Safety-First Design
Integrated safety is one of the design choices that make the Coldline a superior cold beverage dispenser. Each unit comes with a food-grade, high-density anti-cracking PC bucket that is ultra-safe and easy to maintain. Segmented discharge switches will make sure there s no pollution of frozen drinks.

Simple Paddle Switches
Conveniently control the unit s power and adjustment options with simple paddle switches. This commercial juice dispenser will easily keep order after order of your best-chilled treats going however busy the shift is.

High Performance Features
The Coldline electric beverage dispenser is designed to provide reliable performance over the long term. A medium and high back pressure closed compressor, energy-saving design, integrated safety and noise levels below 55db make it a great addition to any commercial establishment

Flavor Consistency
The 30 rpm or 60 rpm mixing motors will keep your product mixed, ensuring its texture and consistency all day long. Keep your flavors the same from the first unit to the last and make chilled beverages a hot sale in your cafeteria.

Clear Bowl
Each bowl is made from durable, crystal clear polycarbonate and holds 3 gallons of your customer-favorite drinks. A paddle keeps stirring the beverage around the cooling cylinder to enhance its consistency and keep it chilled all day long.

Easy to Clean
Thanks to a rugged stainless steel base and an overall maintenance-friendly assembly, this juice dispenser machine is super easy to clean. The handy drip tray will keep splashes and overflows away from your countertops to help maintain a clean and hygienic space in your food service business.

Whether you re looking to introduce a new commercial beverage dispenser in your premises, or replace an aging unit - this Coldline model is a quality choice. Thanks to a durable design, integrated safety and easy-to-maintain assembly, this unit gives you more value for money over the long run.

6 Gallons, 3.2 Gallons per container
# of Containers
Container Material
Food Grade Polycarbonate
Power Cord Included
Working Type
Pump Spray System
90 Day Labor or Replacement, 1 Year Parts and Labor
Length (in.)
16 8/9
Depth (in.)
16 8/9
Height (in.)
Nema Plug5-15P

New Coldline BD25-S 17″ Double Bowl Beverage Dispenser, Drink Bubbler with Spray