Inoksan PDE403N Details
Create delicious strips of meat for your gyros or doner kebabs with this Inoksan PDE 403N electric doner kebab machine / vertical broiler with a 20-130 lb. capacity. Designed for high performance and consistent results, this vertical broiler uses an insulated motor to turn the spit at a speed of 1 RPM so you get the even roast you're looking for. It has a selector switch that allows you to choose which direction the spit should rotate for either right handed or left handed cutting. The design of the machine and the 28" tall spit ensure an inclined cut of the meat.
This unit is made of durable type 304 stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean for a sanitary cooking environment. For convenient use, this vertical broiler comes with a spit, a meat shovel, a drip tray, and fixing pins. The drip tray helps to contain drips and splatters so that the machine looks more presentable if you are cooking in an area that is visible to customers.
So you can more easily control the heat settings on this broiler, or quickly replace broken heaters, this model has 12 burners in four independent rows. It also features Robax glass in front of the burners that helps to keep the unit clean while providing uniform cooking and a sleek look. 208V, 3 phase electrical; 7.2 kW.
Overall Dimensions:
Width: 26"
Depth: 30"
Height: 41"
Spit Length: 28"

New Inoksan PDE 403N Electric Doner Kebab Machine/Vertical Broiler Robax Glass


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