The RG4 Commercial Rotisserie is a 4 Spit, 20 Chicken Commercial Chicken BBQ Machine made from heavy duty Series 430 stainless steel. Southwood machines feature same features and heavy-duty build quality as more expensive brands, including high BTU burners and ceramic bricks for even cooking. Each motorized spit runs independently in either direction with on/off switch, allowing you to cook a full or partial batch as needed. A drip drawer allows for easy disposal of drippings and can be used to hold water for added humidity. 4 Spits with skewers are included standard. Additional spits and skewers available. Cook time is approximately 50 minutes for a 3.5 lb bird.


Weight: 385 lbs

Dimensions: 39.5" (add 6" spit handles) x 22" x 48" (add 6" legs)

Certifications: None

Volts: 220

New Southwood RG4 20 Chicken Capacity Chicken Rotisserie Machine Gas 56,700 BTU


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